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Important Notice:

Dear Valued Customers:

With great pleasure, I would like to inform you that Pellow Engineering Publications which currently sells all of Bob's Rigging and Crane Handbooks/reference cards will be sold and under the new name Bob's Industrial Publications as of 07/01/18.

Bob's Industrial Publications,

28175 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI 48377


Telephone: (248)994-4006 or toll-free (877)473-5569 Fax: (248)994-4008

During the transition our store will stay open on concurrently with the new store on Bob's Industrial Publications.  After 7/31 - the store on will close and all online purchases should be made at the new site.

As you will note, the toll-free telephone number will remain the same as well as the same quality of service and delivery. Through their website, the new company will continue with ordering online, FAX, e-mail or phone and remain intact along with accepting Pay Pal payments and credit cards. I, Don Pellow, will continue to be a consultant to this new company to assist in answering technical and engineering inquiries, updating new handbooks and card revisions and in supporting Bob’s Industrial Publications.

In closing, I wish to restate gratitude from Pellow Engineering Publications and reiterate our confidence in Bob's Industrial Publications to provide you with the quality standards that you previously received.




Donald L. Pellow

12615 Briar Dr., Leawood, KS 66209



  • Expert Witnessing by an Experienced Registered

  • Professional Engineer

  • Accident Investigation

  • Product Failure Analysis

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Engineering Report and Analysis

  • Interrogatories

  • Depositions

  • Trial Testimony


Bob's Rigging Handbooks


(8.5 "x11" Mainly used as a desk study guide)

B-2/SB-2: POCKET SIZE (4.5"x6" 

        ENGLISH= B-1/B -2 

      SPANISH =SB-1 /SB-2 

Bob's Rigging & Crane Handbook

  • Basic math in calculating weights, center of gravity, & sling loads.

  • Chain fall tension when drifting loads.

  • Capacity charts for all types of slings - now including high strength fiber slings &

       higher strength slings for wire rope, chain, and flat bodied synthetic slings.

  • Updated and complete wire rope types & breaking strengths - including regular

       wire rope constructions, rotation-resistant designs, compacted strand constructions,

       and plastic-coated wire rope.

  • Rigging hitches, practical tips for rigging and rigging hardware.

  • Rigging safety rules & rules of thumb

  • Mobile cranes - principles, types, & guidelines for use.

  • Structural & stability limitations of mobile cranes.

  • Mobile crane rules of thumb.

  • Critical lift plans.

  • Mobile crane hand signals and voice signals.

  • OSHA Regulations and ASME industry standards.

Bob's Overhead Crane & Rigging Handbook


  • Types & terminology of overhead cranes.

  • Inspection procedures & check lists.

  • Reeving systems.

  • Hoist limit switches.

  • Inspection of hoist & load chains.

  • Overhead crane safety rules.

  • Overhead crane hand signals.

  • Rigging Safety Rules

  • Rigging slings, hitches & hardware

  • Basic math in calculating weights, center of gravity & sling loads

B-3: (POCKET SIZE 4.5"x6")

B-6:  DESK SIZE (8.5"x11")

             Available in English Only

This handbook contains the same basics on wire rope, slings, fittings, rigging, hitches, OSHA & ASME/ANSI regulations & codes as in the B-1 & B-2 handbooks, except this now focuses on overhead and gantry cranes.  In addition to these listed basics, this handbook covers the following topics on overhead cranes:


Bob's Reference Cards

3.5"x12" laminated cards easily able to be folded  for easy accessability
available in both English (B-4) and Spanish (SB-4)
available in both English (B-5) and Spanish (SB-5)
  • Rigging Safety Rules

  • Wire Rope Sling Capacity Tables

  • Shackle- - Working Load Limits

  • Crane Hand Signals

  • Sling Angle Tension Chart

  • Wire Rope Clips

  • Rigging Hitches

  • Weights of Materials

  • Calculate Weights of Load to be lifted

  • Determine Center of Gravity

  • Proper Crane Setup

  • Conduct Pre-Operation Inspection

  • Be Aware of Crane Capacity – Structural & Tip-Over Limitations

  • Evaluate Rigging & Attachment of Slings & Rigging Hardware

  • Safe Crane Operations

  • Insist on Proper Signaling from a Designated Signal Person

  • Final Check on All Listed Procedures Prior to Operating the Crane


Contact Information

         Don Pellow
Registered Professional Engineer

You may contact Don Pellow directly for any questions/comments regarding 

Pellow Engineering Services at the e-mail addresses listed below or by filling out the attached contact form             

  Telephone:  (913)484-6249


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